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We are the Bender Labs team: a group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in blockchain, technology, finance and open-source. We believe that financial markets should be open, transparent, unstoppable and rely only on lines of codes. We’re building Bender: a self-driving bank for an open financial system.
We foster an ecosystem of tokenholders, developers, stakeholders and users of our decentralized protocol. All of our code is open-source and anyone can build on Bender.

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BEnder + Tezos

We’re proudly building on Tezos for a few reasons.
Upgradeability: Tezos self-amends and upgrades in frequent increments. This is a game changer for DeFi entrepreneurs who can build on a blockchain with a technology that always stays relevant
‚ÄćFees: Tezos network fees are low, which allows Bender to offer accessible DeFi services to all users
‚ÄćGreen: The future of finance is decentralized, and it‚Äôs also sustainable. Tezos uses Proof-of-Stake as a consensus mechanism, which consumes several orders or magnitude less energy.

Join us to build the future of financial markets!
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