We are building the next generation of financial markets

We are the Bender Labs team: a group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in blockchain, technology, finance and open-source. We believe that financial markets should be open, transparent, unstoppable and rely only on lines of codes. We’re building Bender: a self-driving bank for an open financial system.

Behind the noise, we believe that we are witnessing a change of paradigm for decentralized finance and the adoption of an open financial system running on public blockchains. For this purpose, we build open financial protocols on the Tezos blockchain.

These protocols share essential tenets: they are open source, unstoppable and user-owned. We operate with the following beliefs.

Financial markets should be just lines of transparent and open sourced code
The value generated by a service should be owned by its users
Open Financial Protocols have the potential to revolutionize finance, if only they’re built and distributed with pragmatism

Our first protocol, WRAPūüĆģ, ¬†is a permissionless asset wrapper, from any blockchain to Tezos. This is the first and essential building block to build a healthy and competitive DeFi landscape on the Tezos blockchain.

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